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When you watch a movie, you escape. I guess that's why most people watch movies. You can be someone you've always wanted to be, and go places you've not yet been. The movies I've selected to showcase below are the cream of the crop, in my opinion, of modern movies. They incorporate music, editing, and cinematography into intricately knit plots. So click on any of them to escape into their own reality...

Top Ten List for 1999

Barton Fink
(1991)John Turturro
(1996)Frances McDormand
The Ice Storm
(1997)Kevin Kline
The Jackal
(1997)Bruce Willis
Jackie Brown
(1997)Pam Grier
Jerry Maguire
(1996)Tom Cruise
Lone Star
(1996)Chris Cooper
Pulp Fiction
(1993)John Travolta
True Romance
(1993)Christian Slater
Sling Blade
(1996)Billy Bob Thornton
The Sweet Hereafter
(1997)Ian Holm
(1996)Ewan McGregor
Welcome to the Dollhouse
(1996)Dawn Matarazzo

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