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On your left is Frances McDormand , the movie-stealing and most unbelievable actress I have ever seen.  She leads up William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi in this year's most brilliant movie (in my humble opinion), Fargo.  Directed by the Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan (Miller's Crossing, Blood Simple, Barton Fink) bring their amazing talent combined with the right amount of greed and gore to life.  See this movie now.

>> Fargo was nominated for a slew of awards at the Academy Awards© on March 24.  It won 2 out of the 7 Awards it was nominated for.  I hate the stupid English Patient.  It won 9 out of 12.  Frances McDormand won Best Actress and Joel and Ethan Coen won Best Original Screenplay.

M a i n  R o a d

This is the start of your journey.  It starts with the whole cast, then the script, pictures, and music from the movie.  Once you're done, you can exit the road you took and try another one (pick another link).  So sit back in your tan Sierra and ride on.

O t h e r  R o a d s

The official Fargo web site. 
<Has pictures,movie clips, bios of the cast>

This is the Joel and Ethan Coen web page.  It's dedicated to the two most overlooked talents in the world.

Here is the International Movie Database, where you can search for more info.

You can E-mail me for more info

This company is my favorite movie mogul.  They produce the best movies I have ever seen.