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This is a beautiful film.  Based on the novel by Rick Moody, Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility) takes us back to the sexual revolution of the late '70's.  The recreation of the feel of that era by the research team has been called exquisite because of how accurate the styles actually are.  Toe socks and all.  The cinematography takes your breath away too.  The shots of the ice storm (which is when most of the story takes place) were carefully concocted in an original way.  Unique filters were used to show night, as well as the ice.  But the story is unique as well in the way it snakes through the lives of two families who are curious about their surroundings, drugs, and each other.  James Schamus won best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival and Sigourney Weaver was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress.  It was 1979, and the climate was changing...

Two families intertwined...
The Hoods
EN (Kevin Kline) - The father of the family.  He's having an affair with Janey a few doors down.  He's oblivious to what's happening to his family, even though he's helping the deterioration.  He also likes key parties.
LENA (Joan Allen) - The naive mom who's looking to reach out and find out who she really is.  She tries to revisit her youth and find answers in religion.  She's also wise to her husband's "affairs".
ENDY (Christina Ricci) - A curious daughter who's also extremely opinionated in terms of political activity.
AUL (Tobey Maguire) - A nerdy son off at boarding school who's psychedelic roomate always sleeps with his crushes. 

The Carvers
IM (Jamey Sheridan) - The oblivious father to anything that goes on in his household.
ANEY (Sigourney Weaver) - Mother who sleeps with anyone, is hypocritical, and causes many a problem.
IKEY (Elijah Wood) - A troubled youth who dabbles in drugs and alcohol, and Wendy Hood.  But he's also smart, and asks questions of everything.
ANDY (Adam Hann-Byrd) - The naive son who is bashful of his awkwardness and youth.  He likes to play with his soldiers, and bllows up airplanes and such.  Wendy shows an interest in him as well.

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Director Ang Lee

The climax