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A New Film by John Sayles

The first thing after I saw this movie was "Wow."  Then I said "What happened, I don't get it?"  John Sayles takes an extraordinary story (Where did he come up with all these characters and awesome plot?) and twists it around and around until it's something totally new.  And that's genius.  I rewatched the ending (and had someone else watch it with me), and figured out an unbelievable story of trust, guilt, greed, and deals that makes me think of the ole Lone Star state in a different way.


The story starts off in the quiet town of Frontera, in Rio County Texas.  A skeleton is found in the middle of the desert by some army reserves people.  They call up Sam (Chris Cooper), the sherriff.  He conducts investigations to track down what happened to the body.  It is revealed that the body is of Charlie Wade (Kris Kristofferson), the meanest, baddest sherriff there ever was.  Wade controlled liquor distribution, illegal immigrants, etc.  If you had some business going on, Wade was in on it, or else you were dead.  It just so happened that Buddy Deeds (Matthew McConaughy), Sam's
father, had a quarrel with Wade right before his death.  So, the question is, Who killed Wade?  Why?  How?  Only the citizens of Frontera know, and soon you will too.


There are about 15 other charcters introduced for certain reasons.  Pilar (Elizabeth Pena) is Sam's old love interest from high school.  Buddy didn't permit them to see each other, though, for some reason.  And then there's Colonel Payne, the new black officer to take control of the army reserve base in Frontera.  His past catches up with him, because this was where he lived as a child.  What about 'O's?  The only bar that the local black citizens could talk and feel comfortable at?  These mystreies are answered and revealed, in a finale that will click so subtly, that you may need to see it again.  There aren't that many movies out on video that can top this movie.  It is amazing.

This is the official (Castle Rock) website for Lone Star.  It is very Shockwave enhanced.  It doesn't offer many answers, but it sets up a clear picture to watch it from.  There are also a few other surprises hidden.

Charlie Wade

Download the full trailer of Lone Star.