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Dawn Matarazzo as Dawn Wiener

Dawn's uncaring family

Heather Matarazzo plays Dawn Wiener, a geeky junior high student who goes through a series of changes and growths in this movie.  Her "Special People Club" is heartfelt, but wrong in this society.  In fact, everything she tries to do is wrong.  This is a comedy, black, but still very funny.  It is the story of the dork in all of us, trying to survive in this world we've been given.

The film starts out with Dawn's encounters at school.  The school bully is mean, the popular girls hate her ("Um, we were just wondering, are you a lesbian?" Giggle, giggle), the tough guys want to beat her up.  She has a crush on her nerdy older brother's hot friend who sings for their band (he wants to be paid to stay in the band).  This is how this 11 year old's life has been going.  All of a sudden, a tough guy threatens Dawn.  This severely rocks the boat.  It's a coming of age story that is complex, yet sweet at heart.  I wish I could explain more of it, but it would truly be hard.

This film won the Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival

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Do you ever think about girls...
He'd go out with anyone...
Your singing was a little flat...

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Todd Solontz - Director of Welcome to the Dollhouse

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