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"...the truth is that I'm a bad person.  But that's gonna change.  I'm gonna change.  This is the last of that sorta thing.  I'm cleanin up and I'm movin on.  Goin straight and choosin life.  I'm looking forward to it already.  I'm gonna be like you, the joe, the family, the fucking big television, the washing machine, the car, the compact disc player..."
                                                                                                                  ~Mark Renton

This movie is rated R for strong, strong profanity, sexual situations, sex, nudity, violence, putrid excretions, extremely graphic drug use, and resulting depressions of heroin addictions.

Click on the pictures for the entire script of Trainspotting. It's zipped ofr faster downloading.

Here you can download a sound from the soundtrack to Trainspotting.  I recorded it.

When I first started to watch this movie, I was sick.  The surrounding world these losers lived in made me really sick.  I held my stomach when Mark, our hero, climbed into an overflowing (with you know what) toilet to retrieve his heroin suppositories.  The way they live - it's their way of life.  But what amazed me was the determination of Mark to quit heroin.  He chose life.  This movie is the evolution of a person who drops his luggage and starts over.  Clean.  The use of colors to distinguish highs from lows is really captured in this movie.  It's an excellent movie.

It really made me think, to realize that people cast this kind of material away from themselves.  Even when it's the best material to learn from.  These losers are a metaphor for the society in this day.  You can't shut this out.  Why don't they have a chance?  They should.  Who are we to make judgment?  We are here to help them out.  It's their decision to kill themselves with drugs, but we have a decision too.  We can help them.  So they won't have to pick up the determination.  They can pick up the responsibility.