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Alright.  I have revealed my choice for the best movie that came out it 1997.  What a coincidence that it was the last movie released that I saw in 1997.  Jackie Brown, the newest film from Quentin Tarantino is amazing.  Witty dialogue, believable (and
hilarious) characters, 70's music, and a fun plot all make this the best movie of 1997.

Pam Grier's career is resurrected as she plays the lead Jackie Brown.  The toughness she displays on the outside is believed by everyone but her, as she discovers her own vulnerability.  The plot is basically this: There's $500,000 that belongs to a gun salesman being smuggled from Mexico to America.  Everyone in the movie wants the half a million.  Who's gonna get it?  Samuel L. Jackson plays Ordell, a guy who looks like a pimp with a pimp's personality, but a guy who is capable of murder.  Robert DeNiro plays Louis, a bum just out of prison who is Ordell's sidekick.  Bridget Fonda is one of Ordell's many girlfriends (but she's the "surfer chick").  Michael Keaton plays an Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco Controller who says he's after Ordell, but half-a-mil is pretty nice too.  So Jackie Brown is the key player that links everyone.  Go see the movie and see how great she is.

If you've seen the movie, then you can read the script here. (If you haven't, don't spoil your fun.)

is the official site for Jackie Brown.

is the site for the soundtrack to JB.

Jackie Brown was based on the novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard