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This is such a fresh, new movie, even though it's old.  It stunned the audiences at Cannes in 1991 because of its daring massacre of the standard 3-act structure of a movie.  Instead, it plays with sequence and involves conversations that seem to mean nothing, but are truly entertaining to watch.  Quentin Tarantino's first breakthrough film, after Reservoir Dogs put him on the map, is one that you have to see more than once.  First of all, because it's a masterpiece.  Second, because you'll find something new every time.  It's just so purely entertaining.

Links and such....

The Secrets of Pulp Fiction
- written by Roger Ebert.  Contains spoilers!  Only if you've seen the movie!

Roger Ebert's review
- Excellent

What's inside the suitcase?
- There's been a debate about this!

More commentary on the suitcase
- more in depth

Pulp fiction is actually three stories: and each ties in with itself at different times, but out of chronological order.

Story#1: Vic (John Travolta) has to take Mia (Uma Thurman), the wife of his mob boss Marcellus Wallace, out for a good time while the boss is gone.  He's rather worried about this endeavor because Marcellus has supposedly killed men for giving his wife a foot massage.  They end up eating out and "doing the twist", but drugs could take them in a different direction...

Story#2:  Marcellus Wallace owns a briefcase that Vic and his partner (Samuel L. Jackson) must get back because the guys on the other end of the deal haven't lived up to their end.  Involves miracles, accidents, the "Wolf", and two robbers in the right place at the right time.

Story #3:  A boxer (Bruce Willis) told to fight a fix by Marcellus, fixes the fight his own way.  He's got to get out of town before Marcellus and his men get him.  But, his watch was left in his apartment.  Not just any watch, but a birth right from his father who died at 'Nam.  He ventures back, not knowing what could be in store for him.  Features Zed, the Gimp, and a samurai sword (oh my).

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Downloadable mp3's
of the songs from the soundtrack

100's of them here

PULP (pulp) n. 1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter.
2. A magazine or book containing lurid subject matter and
being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper.
American Heritage Dictionary: New College Edition