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So far this part of the year, I have yet to see a really great movie.  I finally did.  I was totally blown away by the excellence in this film.  Bruce Willis plays an assassin hired by a powerful Russian man to kill...someone.  We don't know.  Most of the fun came from watching Bruce Willis and his gadgets that helped him hide (not to mention the cool disguises).  I shouldn't even tell some of the cool mechanisms he had.  It was like James Bond without the understood urbaneness (that really gets to me in James Bond flicks).  He was totally cool, and had such a cold personality.  Meanwhile, Richard Gere with a funky Irish accent, is released from jail to help the FBI find the "Jackal".  How the good guys keep up with the bad guy is impossible to figure out, but who cares?  The movie rocked.

The official site is to the left.  It is  The site has all sorts of images and multimedia from the film.

This movie was filmed in MY hometown - Richmond, VA!!

Bruce Willis is the Jackal

The soundtrack to this move is stellar.  If you saw this movie, and loved that great beginning credits scene, that song is on this soundtrack (it's by Massive Attack).  I have a review on my music section of my webpage. (under Jackal)

Richard Gere