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Pictures from SPAS TEC 2 Reunion! - March 19-20, 1999

Reunion Photos:
adults.jpg - Some adults sit down and enjoy their rest
andimari.jpg - Andy and Marie embrace
chill.jpg - Whole bunch of us waiting for the breakfast of champions
hug.jpg - Beth and Carolyn HUG
laying.jpg - Andy laying down on Carolyn and Beth
mumble.jpg - Chris, Amanda, and Dee all play a rousing game of "Mrs. Mumble"
mumble2.jpg - Amy can hardly keep her laugh in as she watches Amanda try to talk
present.jpg - Tami hands a small token of appreciation to Mr. Bagley for all his help in preparing food for TECites
sing.jpg - Jeff leads a tune on the stairs

All photos taken by Marie Mueller, conference room on SPAS 2. These pictures are all between 50-200KB (they're good quality!!).

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